Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Color Mixing

My new obsession: Dyeing Yarn

Sunday I finished dyeing my birthday stash. I'll try to get photos up this week.

My last batch turned out great - lilac and acid green, my favorites.

My second to last batch turned out awful. DREADFUL. I was trying to do several colors. I wanted a light celadon and a salmon. I need to practice getting colors exactly. They ended up way too dark.

Ironically I ended up with yarn the exact color of my collection of Gap socks from the late eighties.

So in my search to fix my color problems: Color Scheme Designer

This site is addictive.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Envy these socks!

Finished socks!


This is the yarn I dyed last weekend. My goal was to dye and finish a pair of socks for spring break-laundry be damned!

 Here is the heel detail. This was my fist toe up gusset which worked petty well. The pattern on the heel is from an old knitting book from 1915. It was supposed to form a diamond pattern - so clearly I got a bit off. I still like the way it works out. It incorporates yarn overs (yarn in front if you are from 1925) and slipped stitched. I'd like to play with it again and see if I can get it right. Either way, this made a nice cushy heel flap, so it is not quite correct, but I do consider it a success, seeing as I now have new socks and all.

I also tried to do the two at a time thing for the leg part. I can see why people like it...when you are done, you are DONE, which is very appealing. In all honesty I would have made these longer if I had been using my DPN's. I can roll much faster, and the circular needle is fiddly, and I am not so much on fiddly stuff. My cheapo circs don't really help[, so I probably ought to invest in a better pair of needles and try it again.

The basic yarn is KnitPicks bare which I rather like, soft, and my other socks I have done in it have worn well. With my Dahrma Trading Company order I get some Wildfoote Luxury Sock yarn. A bit scratchy before dyeing, but afterwards it softens up. My plan is to crank out a pair in that ASAP. That way I can compare how these socks and the Wildefoote wear over the next year. If it about the same then the Knitpicks is much cheaper. They both are 75% wool 25% nylon, so the race is on.

Of course this means (in my sad little math brain) that I cannot wear these socks again until I have the second pair, so they do not get over-used before the second pair is ready.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green with Envy

My birthday present to myself this week - dyeing yarn.

This is with the new Jacquard iDye packs. Kelly green and royal blue. I live in a town with a huge college art program and all our local art stores had was the iDye stuff.

In fairness Plaza Art can do special orders for the regular Jacquard acid dyes, but I didn't plan this out so well. The order wouldn't get here until next week. Whoops.

So I've been playing with the iDyes until my order from Dharma Trading Company gets here.

Spring cleaning is almost done. If the laundry isn't washed by this afternoon it's not happening. Next two days I'll be up to my elbows in yarn.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hyperbolic Coral Reef

We sent the day at the Natural History Museum today. Hands down our favorite museum. This was the first time we got to see the new human origins exhibit. While I miss the old dioramas, this one is really well done. Lots of interactive stuff for the kiddos and lots for the husband to read. I even got the heel flap on my sock done while they were all doing their thing.

This is a must see: it is a giant crocheted coral reef. I'm on my iTouch (free wiFi- thanks Smithsonian!) so I'll try to add more photos tomorrow. This thing is incredible. All sorts of materials were used. I spotted cassette tape and Noro in the mix. Huge hit.

Edited to add photo:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yarn vs. Urn

I love this, but I'm saving up for yarn.


Next week is Spring Break, and my birthday. My gift to myself this year is to do some dyeing over break.

Some references for dyeing yarn
  • Great Inspiration - they have beutiful colors and lots of information about the yarns they use: Sunshine Yarns
  • Blank Yarn for Socks - this cone has 5500 yards!! That's enough for over 12 skeins at 450 yards each: Yarn Workshop
  • Color and Style trends Cosmo Worlds 
  • Color trends for clothing and household - lots of great ideas: Design Options

Monday, April 04, 2011

Wants and Needs

So lets be honest - I have NO extra time right now. My work pile is ridiculous. I even forgot about sending in cupcakes for little-sis' birthday last week. Don't even try peeking at my UFO pile, it might eat you.

I do not need one more thing to do/knit/plan for/shop for...

And I still want this book. Saw it last week at the bookstore. I don't really care much for royal weddings, but you can knit the Queen and her Corgies.