Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tag, I'm it!

I was tagged by Candsmom at Bits of Knits

So here goes, twenty exciting things about me:

  1. This is the fifteenth building I have lived in. Eighteenth if you count dorms. Dad was in the Army.
  2. I hate to initiate change.
  3. I hate things to stay the same too long. I get bored.
  4. I went to William and Mary…always been a nerd.
  5. I had to drop out my sophomore year to take care of my mother while she was dying of uterine cancer.
  6. I returned and have a degree in mathematics.
  7. I taught computer science for almost ten years in a public high school. I actually like teenagers.
  8. I am 5 ft, 1 ¼ inches tall.
  9. I have broken up a lot of fistfights, but only boys. Any teacher knows you never touch a girl fight. Never.
  10. I know six programming languages.
  11. I was in labor for twenty four hours with girl #1, three with girl #2.
  12. We just moved to Florida. I stay home with the girls now.
  13. I am 32.
  14. My parents waited to have kids until the Vietnam war was winding down. This and the fact that my dad was promoted fast meant my brother sister and I were always ten years younger than any of the other kids in our neighborhoods. We are still very close.
  15. My husband and I went to high school together, but didn't start dating until three weeks after I graduated.
  16. I hate mint. Just the smell is enough to make me vomit. While teaching I was walking a kid to the nurse one day and he projectile vomited on me head to toe. I hate mint worse than that.
  17. I have only three regrets about anything in my entire life.
  18. I get uncomfortable being the center of attention and am running out of things to say. Can I really be summed up in only 18 things??
  19. Oh, yeah. I only microwave by prime numbers. Otherwise I have to start mentally finding the factors of the number.
  20. I do not have OCD, I swear. I try to laugh at everything.
  21. And one extra...I am a yarn snob. Natural fibers only, please.
Hmmm....who to pass this on to?

Here goes:
So...all of you innermost secrets, summed up in 20 lines.


cmeknit said...

Hmmm...interesting meme! So sad about your mom, my sister is losing her battle to colon cancer.
Oh labour...24 hours...oh man. I was 6 with the first and 3 with the second.

candsmom said...

I'm so sorry about your mom. It must have been so hard to lose her at such a young age.

I'm glad you got a labor reprieve with Girl #2- you certainly deserve it after 24 hours of labor with #1! Bossy had me in labor for 19 and Stinky was touch and go for 12.

No mint?! What's Thai and Vietnamese food without the mint? :-) Great list! Thanks for playing along!!

Gwen said...

What part of FL? We moved to Coral Springs in January and left for Utah in July. We needed 4 seasons! Have only been able to contact my parents in Boca once since Wilma. Sounds like you weren't hit, or you couldn't blog:)

Brittannicka said...

Hi! My name is Britta, I'm originally from Florida and my mother is a teacher. I'm currently in graduate school for library science and was curious about who else in the world might share my dream job so I googled "first librarian in space." There are still only 9 google results so it looks like your child and I are in a race, haha! I bet she will be in better health and fitness by the time the first space library opens its pod bay doors. Best of luck to her!