Friday, July 14, 2006

Blog...what blog?

OK, so we are SUPPOSED to be driving to VA with the girls today. Like right now.

Except for the van is in the shop, or the "car doctor" as the children call the mechanic. It was doing this funky thing where as you speed up the AC, lights and radio volume would go up, and as you slow they went down. Fun for like 3 minutes.

The house is 33% packed and 100% messy. I am not even pretending that it could be clean again.

Plus big-sis is currently obsessed with spelling things. She is like THIS close to reading.

Problem is I do math, not spelling. You should have heard her huff when her dad told her I had spelled dinosaur wrong and she had to fix it on all the pages of her notebook.
(What?!? There's no "E"?? Betcha you can't do partial integration!!). Her exasperated "mom is losing it" glare stung, I tell you.

Oh, and the server is down at the school board office, so the kids in the online class I am teaching are in a bit of a panic. They have a midterm next week.

The one oasis right now is my knitting. I am rolling away on my hurricane swap sock, I think I have the kinks in the pattern worked out.

I actually submitted a pattern somewhere...fingers crossed.

So I have all day to pack, and balance the checkbook, and stretch the last of the food for one more day.

And try to figure out what to knit in the car tomorrow.

Oh, here's little sis posing in the vest I mentioned last post.

The yarn is some leftover KnitPicks stuff I had. The pattern I made up as I went along. Moss stitch center, stockingette along the sides.

I used a tubular cast on...I am obsessed with this cast on makes things look so nice!

Here is a real shot:

Sad part is I had to go outside in the rain to take this...there is not a clean surface in the house!!


ErLeCa said...

Sound like things are pretty hectic and yet you have time to knit socks. As long as you have time to knit, things really aren't as hectic as they seem!

Beth said...

It looks like you are accomplishing a lot! Best wishes for a successful move.

Stacie said...

Good luck with the move. the sock is purdy! I love the color. Is the car prob the alt, or generator? I had that "close encounters" thing happen too once, spooky!

Ginger said...

I hope things calm down for you and the move goes smoothly. I love the vest, very nice.

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

I agree with Ginger and will pray the move goes well. The vest is smashing dahling.

Good luck!

Alice B said...

Hope the server goes up, the boxes get packed,The car gets fixed and ...... you learn to spell dinosaur! But you do so much else that is great. The vest is beautiful. And socks.. wow

christine said...

Thank goodness we have our knitting when life gets busy and messy! The vest looks wonderful! Hope life gets a bit more normal soon!