Monday, November 20, 2006

Sewing here

OK...I AM knitting these days, but right now I am in the middle of my third ball of patton's wool for a felted bag. The bag should be great, but right now it is just a huge heap of knitting, nothing interesting.

So today I'll post some sewing updates:

This is the coat I just finished this weekend for little sis. The lining is a sage fleece. It matched the pink better than the pics show. The outer fabric is actually some upholstery fabric I found. I had visions of some wide wale corduroy, but they had none when I went looking last week. I wandered into the home decor section and there it was.

I had some difficulty getting pics, she was not having a photographic moment. I'll try to get a better lit shot soon.

It still needs buttons, and I haven't decided how to do those yet. It's just starting to get chilly, so those can wait till this weekend.

Oh, and unlike the photo the pattern does line up. That was the hardest part...cutting it out. I love knitting, but sewing is done so quickly, there is a lot of satisfaction in that. The funny thing is I am so much more likely to goof it up, since I get impatient and don't think things out. Knitting gives me time to catch up with my thinking.


Acornbud said...

How cute. I love the lining! It's great having that green inside.It really fits sis well. Buttons can be so challenging to find. I used to resort to snaps, when I sewed more.

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

That has to be the cutest thing I've seen on a child in quite some time. Adorable. Great fabric choices.

Ginger said...

What a great coat! I know what you mean about knitting vs. sewing, lately sewing has been winning out, but with Bubba going to preschool I may be getting some more sewing done.

Brena said...

That coat is awesome! I love it!

Erin said...

That is soooo cute! It looks great on her!

rieza said...

That's a beautiful coat! Great idea using upholstery fabric, I would have never thought of it :)