Sunday, February 13, 2011

I wish...

This was my local yarn store.

n the spirit of true confessions I am a yarn store stalker. In my dreams I am brave enough to go in and plop down and the table, whip out my latest knit and chat away.

Reality is I am a total chicken about these things. Like I lose the ability to speak.

But Loop-I think I could eventually settle in there. Maybe not the chat part at first, but they were so nice and not scary.

Plus they had yarn with lots of color. I love the idea of my local store- but it is dreary. Fifteen shades if olive brown and puce. And all rather expensive. Loop had some Berroco wool- I could have done a sweater for under $40. I'd so much rather shop local than do the big box stores.

Buy I wanted to get stuff out of my usually shopping range. Madeline Tosh for a Citron and some Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

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