Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green with Envy

My birthday present to myself this week - dyeing yarn.

This is with the new Jacquard iDye packs. Kelly green and royal blue. I live in a town with a huge college art program and all our local art stores had was the iDye stuff.

In fairness Plaza Art can do special orders for the regular Jacquard acid dyes, but I didn't plan this out so well. The order wouldn't get here until next week. Whoops.

So I've been playing with the iDyes until my order from Dharma Trading Company gets here.

Spring cleaning is almost done. If the laundry isn't washed by this afternoon it's not happening. Next two days I'll be up to my elbows in yarn.


smartygirl said...

love these colours together!

Ashley said...

Curious how color fast the idye is on your yarn?

Rebecca Dovi said...

Sorry this is so long in coming. My day job has overtaken my knitting.

I have worn these socks regularly for a year now with very little fading. I did wash them separately the first few weeks - since the iDye has two types of dye, one for animal fibers and one for cotton I was worried the cotton dye might bleed. Since then, no problems.