Monday, October 30, 2006


So it is time to catch up a bit. Again, I cannot post or read blogs at work, and what with the kids at home and all it is hard to get this done. The husband is now back in town ( more trips!), so things are easing up a bit.

This is big-sis' school spirit/halloween vest. The bobble up the front are ment to represent tiger paws. She has been very kind and supportive of this..."Sure mom, just like paw prints". She said this without rolling her eyes, which takes real self control.

As for the Homecoming outfit...I wore a cammo t-shirt with a green knitted vest. This vest:
And a parting shot of the orange vest:
(Hmmmm...she's lost it this time!)
In other knitting news I just finished a pair of pants for a baby shower. It was one of those showers where as soon as you walk in in a ponytail you feel as if homemade was not, possibly, the way to go. I included gas drops, which every mother ought to have, just in case, so perhaps that rounded it out. I am almost done with socktoberfest. Still no word on my pattern submission, so either a good sign, or I cannot properly e-mail. I'll fill y'all in later.

Oh, and a bit of crochet to round things old hat worn by little sis:


Acornbud said...

Your daughter is so understanding about the the paw print representations. So young and so astute!

Bear Knits said...

Your daughters are adorable! I love those expressions on their face.

Erin said...

Very cute!