Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October, Argh!

So here we are October. I promised myself last year that I would not do it. Nope, not I. I would plan small reasonable gifts for people. No need to knit for everyone. My mental health is a valuable thing.

And we all know where that kind of thinking goes once fall hits. One chilly evening and all I can think is "who needs socks?"

Last year I did BIG projects. This year I am at least trying to think small.

So in the spirit of small, here's a wee pattern for Halloween. It would make a good stocking stuffer too, if you know any pirates. I also like these since the girls LOVE piraes right now, and I love their eyeballs, so the soft hook is a win-win scenario.

Materials: One ball chunky, cheap black yarn
One hank of plastic canvas thread in silver (the fat kind)
Optional: chunky yarn in a contrasting color. Use what you have...you could even double up some worsted stuff.

One set METAL DPN’s in a size 8. Seriously, the silver stuff is scratchy, and I do not want to be responsible for messing up your best pair of bamboo needles.

This is all based on i-chord. So simple it hurts.

Start with the black yarn and work in a 5 stitch i-chord for about 2-3 inches. Depends on your pirate's hand. Switch to the silver. Work another inch or so. Then, every other row, slip the first three stitches and knit the other two. This will cause the hook to curve. When you think it is long enough taper the end by doing 1 row k2tog, across, then next row knit the remaining 3 stitches together. Pull the tail through and work in the end.

Now you need a cuff. Pick up about 10 stitches around the edge where the silver and black meet. Distribute the stitches evenly over 3 DPN’s.

K 1 row.

K1M1 for next row.

Repeat these two rows until the circle is wide enough to cover the pirate’s hand. Then knit straight until the cuff measures abut 4 inches. If you like knit the last two rows in the contrasting yarn. Bind off, weave in loose ends, then shiver me timbers! You’re a pirate.

If I can find my notes I’ll try to also post the eye patch and hat patterns. Again, super simple.



Sally said...

Wow! Beak, you are so clever! Speaking of Fall and Halloween, what a weird time to be living in Southern California! I saw the grocery store stacking up pumpkins out front and I couldn't help but think for a second "posers!" Haha, I know I was being ridiculous. Like they're not supposed to celebrate Halloween because they don't have the weather for it.

Erin said...

I love it! You're just too creative!

Acornbud said...

What an interesting pattern. Thanks.
Yikes the ball is rolling toward the end of the year way too fast!

Ginger said...

Very cool hook! I may have to whip one up for the dress-up box. =)