Saturday, April 15, 2006

For Sale

Hey! Yes I still do exist. I have spent the week finishing taxes and getting ready for houseguests.

We just got a call that they are not coming due to high gas prices, so I have a nice neat house, and a whole week to enjoy it!

I'll get back to regular posting tomorrow, but I wanted to mention that I have a few knitting books up on e-bay. No pressure, not trying to exploit the blog, just thought someone might want them.

I have a new copy of the Spring 2006 Interweave Knits
and a copy of Debbie Bliss' Easy Knits.

Happy Easter (if that's your thing)!! Hop hop hop....


amanda said...

enjoy that clean house!

may said...

gosh, stupid GAS! it's getting so rediculous I might just drag out my bike and get around in it instead!

ErLeCa said...

Isn't gas outrageous? I have to drive cross country this summer and I am not looking forward to that gas bill!