Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Birthday!!

We are in Williamsburg VA this week visiting the parental units. Today is little-sis' third birthday!

I am having one of those "mom" moments. I cannot believe she is SO big.

We had all the local family over on Sunday for her party.

I have mentioned this before, but my folk's house is like a museum. Here's the birthday girl sitting in a ceramic planter that is at least 150 years old. It can be a bit stressful...

The great thing about visiting grandparents is all the time you get. They are happy to visit with the miniature people, so I have more time to knit.

Here's my progress on the lace:

I am getting better. In the past when I have done lace I always gain or lose stitches as I go. I have improved my yarn overs and the disappearing stitches have stopped. I really like this pattern so far. Very easy to follow, which is just what I need at this level.

There are a few things that are making this project easier than my last lace attempts. First, I am using metal needles, which I normaly hate. The sharper points and slicker surface are speeding this up.

I have also learned to pay more attention to the purl row. This is where I was losing the stitches, as I dropped the yarn overs. I also have put stitch markers in between the repeats, and every row I stop to count to make sure I have the right number of stitches. So far so good.

I am hoping this will begin to get easier as it goes. At this rate I'll have this done in time for little-sis' prom.


Acornbud said...

Have a nice trip! I love the picture of the BD girl in the planter. She will be so surprised to see it when she's all grown. I love your lace so far. What a great color!

Stacie said...

Happy B-day Mommy! Cute pic in the pot! Love the lace, what yarn are you using? It's so purdy, looks like water....

ErLeCa said...

Happy Birthday to the little one!!! Your lace looks great by the way!

Laura said...

Yay! Someone else knows what 'parental units' mean AND can use it in a sentence.

Obviously, people aren't watching enough classic Saturday Night Live.

Is there anything that feels as good as getting to the end of a lace row with the correct number of stitches? ;)