Sunday, April 30, 2006

Catching up

So here's the LOOONG overdue update:

The new yarn form the Williamsburg trip a few weeks back. The blue is some Lorna's Laces sock yarn, and the green is this amazing Silk/Wool blend from elsebeth lavold. It is amazing.

Basically on this trip I tried the top in the current Interweave Knits...the one on page 88, the Prairie
Tunic. Yup. I thought it was cute too. So I cast on, and knit for thirteen hours. Not a good top.

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea. And really my thinking was flawed. I thought, "hey, no need for layers, I could just come up with some clever coverage in that area". Really, it needs a full camisole, and in the Florida heat I am not willing to wear knitwear over a camisole.

I have since buried the top, if I find it as I am cleaning out the stash this week I'll post a pic. Great idea, but I have too much mom-flub to pull it off.

The sad part is this is the first time I have ever actually followed a pattern and finished it.

All that said I love the stitch in the center panel. I was planning a nice big floppy scarf with the great silk/wool stuff I just mentioned...

This photo is about a week old. Let me tell you, I have two hanks of this yarn, and that will be enough to make a scarf as tall as I am (OK, I'm short, 5' 1 and 1/4", but that's still a lot of scarf!) Love it, and it smells good too. The lace stitch from the tunic is super easy to memorize, so this has been flowing off the needles.

I got my submission into elann last night. I couldn't get photos done until after dark, so I am hoping they turned out OK. I'll let you know what happens!


ErLeCa said...

Too bad that top didn't work out. It's so cute!!!

Stacie said...

the top is cute, but as a mommy with :flub", I hear ya sis. I love the scarf too!

Diane E. said...

Hi, Thanks for commenting. I love that top too, but I don't think I'll be kniiting it. WHere in Virginia? My son will be a second year at UVA.