Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My new fave

(in a mid-priced yarn sort of way)

This is a swatch from Main Line, one of Knit Picks new yarns. I was expecting this to be a bit more floppy, but as you can see it holds up pretty well. This swatch has been re-knitted at least three times.

I am thinking of revisiting this:

but in a bulkier, more fitted kind of way. As I have said, I do not ever plan on doing a sweater on size two needles again.

I do like a lot of the Knit Pick yarns, but I do wonder if their color folks ever leave the shop. The selections are sometimes a bit odd. Don't you think?

In vacation news, we are still in Willy (Weak Willy to those of us that went to high school here). We did Jamestown yesterday. It really is better for small children than Colonial Williamsburg. The Jamestown interpreters are a bit less obsessed about staying in period, and are more willing to interact with kids. Big sis got to try her hand at some colonial tools, they both got to try an armor, and sweep the houses. In short, it is much more interactive and hands on than CW.

Today I am hoping to slip out and get to the LYS, Knitting Sisters. I NEED some size three
needles...I have a sweater to finish.

And in honor of "Flash your Stash" here's my travelling stash. I did a good job of not overpacking the yarn this time!


ErLeCa said...

I always overpack yarn to take with me on vacation. I guess I always seem to imagine all this time I'm going to get to knit... of course it never happens that way!

Anonymous said...

Love that house. Great pics.

Stacie said...

you have more in your traveling stash than I have all day! Gotta get yarn shoppin over here! I would love to visit that area, never been there, but am a big fan of Sarah Vowell, voice of Violet of the Incredibles and author of Assasination Vacation..wanna see it first hand! She's grusome-history obsessed...

candsmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to little sis!! Hope it was a wonderful celebration. I'm glad to read the good review on Main Line... I've been thinking about ordering some, but I wasn't sure how it knitted up. I'm so glad that they finally have a worsted cotton blend in their offerings. Thank you so much for all your support and good wishes this past week- it's really meant a lot to me. Hope all is well with you.. take care! :-)

Bear Knits said...

Is Main Line comparable to Cotton Fleece? I was wondering why the yardage on their newer stuff is on the short side. BTW, I totally agree with you on their color selection.