Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Queen Victoria! To celebrate the girls and their Muz (translation: Grandmother) are having tea this afternoon.

We are back from San Diego and are visiting here in Willy until the weekend. San Diego was grand, and I got in lots of PTK (Potential Knitting Time). We were out for my baby brother’s wedding, so sorry folks, some non-knitting photos follow. His wife is originally from Kobe Japan, and her family made their first trip to the US for the event. They are moving to Tokyo next month, so we are all trying to learn Japanese so we can visit. I took Japanese in college, but I need serious brushing up.

I am now almost done with this Walking sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. Since we’re at my folks house there are lots of fun spots to take photos.

Here he is lounging with friends on the 200-year old bed.

Visiting with my great-great-grandfather.

And some of the other locals.

And soaking up the sun in the front garden.


Stacie said...

that sock looks like it enjoys San Diego!

M said...

you are too funny. great pictures.

barbara said...

your sock has a more exciting life than I do.