Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What to bring?

OK, so it's the usual. We're going on a road trip. 12 hours in the car. 6 hours on the plane, both ways. Total of 36 hours of Potential Knitting Time (PKT). This is important people, not to be wasted.

(And all that travel is over 15 days. My brother is getting married, and the travel arrangements are convoluded, to say the least)

Last time I had this much knitting time it turned out Awful!

I am debating ...socks? Too many needles to lose.

Hubby Hat? Good thought, but he won't be there so I can measure his head.

Sweater? Too big.

I have three days left to decide.

This is actually interfering with sleep. I have to drive to Orlando on Thursday to pick up the parental units at the airport. My plan in to stop by the knitting store there on the way to find something.

And yes, this means leaving two hours early, and bringing dinner for the girls. But think of all that wasted time if I didn't have the right project. Wasted PKT time. I shudder at the thought.

(And also, I just found out I am a finalist in the Elann.com competition...Very exciting!!)


Acornbud said...

I vote socks as long as the pattern is mindless. You can consider magic loop or two circs, then you are less likely to lose the needles. Have a safe trip:)

Beth said...

Congratulations on being a finalist in the competition. That's very exciting!

What to knit... A lace shawl? A prayer shawl? A felted tote? Good luck with that decision!

Sally Carson said...

Beak, how do we see what you entered into the competition? Or is it secret?

Bear Knits said...

I envy all the PKT you will get. Have a safe trip! Congrats on being a finalist! How about a tank or a tee?

ErLeCa said...

I know exactly what you're going through, only my PTK is coming up in just under a month. I still have time to decide!