Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Not Me!

What’s behind my back?? Nothing, I swear!
Oh, that? Poking out? It’s a stick, harmless little stick.
No! I am not knitting!!
Of course, I am just about to mop. Dishwasher is running…can’t you hear it? Go look…much cleaner in there.
No, I was not hiding anything, just straightening up. See, this sock just fell out of the basket.
Why is the TV hot? It’s Florida! Everything is hot!
No, I did not just spend my whole morning knitting socks and watching Magnum PI. I resent that!
The children? What chil…oh, them. I’m sure they’re here somewhere.
Where?!?! Why are they running around the backyard in their pajamas?! Well the fresh air is good for them, and it keeps them out of my yarn.
I do clean…dust bunnies? Where? Are they angora?
No, knitting is not all I think about. I think about mopping, a lot. Pondering the chores brings me a zen-like peace, really.
I’m sorry you don’t believe me. Frankly, I’m done with this conversation.
And I am NOT obsessed, this is a healthy way to relax!!


Karen said...

If you hadn't put in that part about the children, I would have thought you bugged my house!! LOL Great post.

Stacie said...

you rule! I love the post, hate the chores! This is such a lame job! I skipped laundry for one day, one day, and have 5 loads to fold tonight! Thanks for the (non) inspiration!

Beth said...

Great post! I was just telling a friend today that knitting relaxes me so much that I've been living in a stupor. It's hard to clean if you can't move. :)

Danielle said...

Dishes? What dishes? Oh, I see them now. Well, if I'm going to wash the dishes, I have to knit a dishcloth first. Let me get the car keys and run to the LYS for some appropriate cotton yarn...

Alice B said...

LOL We've all had days (weeks) like this. And what is is about Magnum?

ErLeCa said...

Ha! I wish all I had to avoid was housework... unfortunately I can't avoid final exams...