Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Belly? What belly?

Lets face it, after birthing two children there are just certain things that I cannot wear. No amount of dieting and exercise will reattach the skin to my torso. Stretch marks? You better believe it.

So all these cute summer tops are grand, but short of surgical intervention there will always be a bulge. If I was a female form the TV series Manimal, all I would be able to turn into would be a Shar-pei.

And my obsession was born. I have wanted a knittable summer top that would not hug the belly. Nothing too hot or clingy, it’s hot here!!

So for the last four days all I have done is measure, knit, re-knit. And at last I have it.

(Pardon the goofy grin...the husband was making rude comments about the freckles.)

It is done on size two and four needles using the Valley mercerized cotton from webs. (By the way, have you seen the new website? Very nice re-design. Looks great, and much easier to find things.)

As I have said before, I love this stuff. For less that $17 you get an entire cone of yarn. 1260 yards. Do you know how much yarn that is?? This top took less than a half a pound. I have so much left over!!

Also, it comes in over 70 colors. SEVENTY. I have gone through at least six cones over the years.

You could also substitute Paton's Grace. I get about the same gauge with it.

I have half the pattern typed up, and will try to get it up by tomorrow. It is for a size 34 bust. I can try to work it up in another size if someone is interested.


Beth said...

That is a very cute top and you did a great job designing it!

Stacie said...

I love it!! I would love to make one, I'm still in hat/bag mode. That's the graduation from scarf mode, dontcha know! I'm ready for a wearable piece, and it's true, the belly ain't going no where. I like the fit in the back too, as sadly, the babies gave me fat back! Elliott poked my handle and said "I'm poking your butt", I almost cried! That tank is great!

jessie said...

Great tank. No bra? I really can't tell how you are looking so shapely without a little support in there. What's the secret?

Acornbud said...

Very nice top and great fit. Well worth all you efforts.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

You look great. I can't believe you have extry belly hidden in there. I might have to make the top just to see if I can look that good!

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

It looks great! So flattering. I can tell you right now, though, that there is no point in me making that. Child-bearing has added a bit to the top (which is an area that needed no additions). I'd need thicker straps. I'm sure that would be doable, but there's no point till all the baby-making/breastfeeding is done for the one I've already got in the oven.

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Just the type of thing I've been looking for for the summer (I like to hid the belly as well). I was wondering though, if you had adjustments for a 38 inch bust? If you do, you can email me at stephdoorly@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!