Friday, June 02, 2006

Call David Horowitz

Do you remember that show? “Fight Back with David Horowitz. He exposed consumer fraud and allowed the viewer to fight back.

Well, in researching this blog post I found out he’s still out there, and it might be my time to contact him. Really, check out the site. It even has the old theme song.

My sister loved this show. When she was in the sixth grade she was on the lookout constantly. She wrote in to the show and got a letter back and everything. I have vague memories of her getting a fight back badge in the mail…I should ask if she still has it.

OK, here’s my deal. So everyone in the civilized world knows about Mason Dixon Knitting and the amazing new book. I have visited it at Barnes and Noble several times now. The girls play with the Thomas the Tank engine trains and I flip through it. No purchase yet since I am trying not to add any more bulk…moving next month and all.

I NEED that book. What I have skimmed has been so snappy, so we won’t be asking David to fight back against the book.

Here’s my issue. That Peaches and Cream cotton is like crack. Seriously, I almost never just buy random yarn. I generally have something in mind for everything I get. I might not ever get to it, but it has an intended purpose.

That said, there is something about $1.19 for a ball of yarn that just intoxicates me. So I have a few in my stash. And now there is a book of really great pattenrs using this stuff. So obviously I need more.

And the girls just happen to have killed the last bathmat. And Mason Dixon Knitting has a great pattern for a bathmat made of this cotton crack.

Side story, the death of the bathmat involves a turtle named Broccoli, markers, glitter glue, and toothpaste. Don’t ask. The turtle, federally protected endangered turtle the husband unknowingly brought home, I might add, is back safe and sound in its natural environment unharmed, but the mat is no more. There are things even I cannot wash out.

So I pulled out a few balls, then headed to the store to make sure I had enough. Here’s the problem:

Yup, they’ve gotten smaller. The one on the right is the ball from a year ago, the left the one I got yesterday. Same price, but a whole 1 oz. smaller. I want a Fight Back badge for this!!

Deep sigh.

The bathmat is going great and should be done by tomorrow. Pictures once it is done.

I also made a bib to be mailed of Monday, the girl’s newest step-cousin.

I am telling you, addictive stuff these patterns.

Oh, and I sold a pattern. Cannot yet say where it's going, but I am so happy I could burst. We even ate dinner out...I couldn't concentrate to cook.


Beth said...

Congratulations on the sale of your pattern! That's exciting.

I know what you mean about that yarn. I bought a couple of balls, which led to a few more balls, which led to a cone, which led to two more balls today....

Sally said...

I don't have the Fight Back badge anymore, deep regret. I think I wrote that show over the lamest thing possible. I seem to remember finding an ad in a newspaper about a portable in-ground pool. Thinking such a thing was probably impossible, I wrote Fight Back. Yeah, pretty lame, but I got a button, that was sweet!