Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You think I could count

OK, I am a math teacher, for crying out loud, you think I could cast on the right number of stitches.

So I was out to dinner the other night (we were coming home form camping) and this gal walked by in a very snappy tank top.
It was tight at the hip, then a bit blousy. A few rows of lace at the top. Hers was a jersey knit, but I think it will translate well. I figured this would be nice and cool.

So I have been busy casting on what I thought was 342 stitches. And doing 3 inches of 1x1 ribbing.

And it was looking a bit small, but I just kept going. Then I counted. 180 stitches. My hips cannot be circles by a mere 180 stitches.

So, rip, goodbye eggplant ribbing. This was using the tubular cast on.

Deep sigh. Progress shot later. I have some counting to do.


Stacie said...

yep, that's bad for a math head. Totally expected from me, a non-linear thinker. I always have to cast on a few times! Loved David H. and you are so right, that Peaches and Cream is crack in yarn form. I got hooked cuz it's the only natural fiber available at the Ben F. only a block from my house. Made a ton of cell phone cozies!

Mel said...

I'm impressed by anyone who can cast on for a sweater without a pattern, no matter how off the stitches are....Thinking about FB w/DH made me sad when I realized today's version of that show is the Dateline series exposing pedophiles... Makes one long for the innocence of the late 70's..

Congrats on your pattern! So exciting!

Acornbud said...

No doubt elves raided you when you put the project down for a second and stole all those stitches. I just hate when that happens. And whoa, 342 stitches! What kind of yarn are you using?

Anonymous said...

Oh 180 stitches, that is small...very small...should have gone forth and finished a small sampler :)