Saturday, June 24, 2006

Catch up

apologies for the lack of news...we had family show up TWO DAYS early for a visit. They called as they got off the interstate.

Anyhow, the girls and I are up in Williamsburg for a week. I am teaching an online summer school class this summer, and I get to meet and greet the parents on Monday.

I have my official teaching assignment for next year. Deep sigh of relief.

So on the drive up I got oodles of knitting time. Since we move in five weeks, and my working wardrobe is a bit thin I have set a challenge for myself. I am trying to go through as much yarn and fabric as I can to rebuild a work wardrobe.

I am finishing a raglan sweater I did in knit picks palette a few months back...It has been sad and sleeveless.

I am also halfway through a vest in a snappy green color. the yarn was left over from another project from last fall...Recycling at it's best.

I have also made a good stab at a project I might submit to one of the online's for a Halloween costume for the girls, so I am not sure it Knitty or Magknits would be a better option...any ideas?

Otherwise, some sewing, some packing, and a whole lot of entertaining (did I mention TWO days early!!). A busy week.

While I am here in Willy I plan on hitting the stores to find some sock yarn and other sundries for my hurricane sock buddy. To the person that got me (if they are even still bothering reading this sad neglected blog) I do have the questions halfway filled out, and should get them e-mailed to you tomorrow.


Gina L said...

Goodness, you have a great working wardrobe started there. I want to see pictures. Are you moving to williamsburg? With a move coming up I am sure it was stressful to have your guests arrive early. Oh boy!

Beth said...

Congrats on the official assignment coming through!

ErLeCa said...

Recycling yarn is the best, especially if you feel like stash busting and your stash looks a little thin! I can wait to see the progress you make on your wardrobe this summer!