Monday, February 27, 2006

As usual things are busy around here. Plus I have news! More on that in a minute.

Girl #2 and her Muz (translation: grandmother)

The parental units are visiting from Willy (Williamsburg, VA) this week. It has been a grand time. The husband and I actually had a weekend away this past weekend.

We went to Orlando to see Circ de Soleil on Friday. Huge fun.
You should go. Then we drove up the coast and stopped at all the little places we never get to see since we are too busy being parents and such. We ended up in St. Augustine and spent the night at the Casablanca Inn on the water. I love this place. We have stayed there three times. Once on our honeymoon in 1996. Then in 2000 while I was pregnant with girl #1, and then this past weekend. It is a great place, plus it has chocolate chip cookies out all the time. You can't beat cookies.

Yesterday afternoon we did a couple of national parks alond the coast...most notable Fort Matanzas, which is an old Spanish fort used to protect St. Augustine from attack. Very interesting, plus you get to take a boat to go see the fort.

Along the way I had tons of knitting time. Here's the progress:

I am almost to the top. I am adding two green elephants in the center just like the ones at the bottom. The back is going to be simple stripes...good thing since the baby shower is next week. I won't be able to go, but I'd like to get it up to Charlotesville in time.

And our news?

We're moving home!!!

Yup, we've decided to move back to Richmond. I have a contract pending with the county I used to teach in. If I am lucky I'll get to go back to the same high school. Although really I'd be happy anywhere. It's a great school district. I used to do a lot of teacher technology training in all the different schools, and I would be happy anywhere.

More about that later...gotta go entertain.


Bear Knits said...

Anouk looks great! It will be so unique. Congrats to moving home!

Karen said...

The weekend sounds lovely!!! The knitting is looking wonderful!!! AND THAT WAS THE BEST NEWS OF ALL! I'm so happy for you and your family.

ErLeCa said...

Congratulations! How exciting for you! When do you get to go?

By the way, the elephants look great!

candsmom said...

That's so wonderful!! I'm so happy for you!! You must be so thrilled. Take care! :-)

Stacie said...

That's good news! No more Daytona! Sounds like a restful weekend, and the pics are great! The knitting is great too!

Alice B said...

Hi Becca
The picture of your daughter and mother looks like a painting. It's beautiful. Also love the elephants. I'm very glad you are going home.

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