Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bourne Knitology

Sorry to have been incommunicado for the last week. We have had a visit from my snappy sister Sally, so we’ve been super busy showing her all the local sites.

She got to see the manatees:

(Manatees are the grey lumps in the water)

And St Augustine:
(Isn't my baby sister cute?!)

And about everything else Daytona has to offer except the Nascar and dog racing. It has been such a fun visit. Sally is at an exciting point right now. She had been the web guru at a big online retailer (can’t tell you who) and she has now founded her own company, We are so excited. She’s already so busy with web sites we thought she was going to have to skip Daytona, but fortunately she made it.

Did I hear you? Did you ask “but what about knitting?” Well, if I must.

1) I am ALMOST done with the caramel colored cardigan on #2 needles. (Never again will I knit a cardigan on #2 needles!) We watched the Bourne Supremacy the other night, and isn’t it funny that when you are watching something suspenseful that you knit faster? The problem is I have exactly two yards left of the yarn, and I still need to sew the seams and do the button band and collar. The new cone of yarn from Webs should be here by Monday. I really want to finish this before Florida winter is over.

2) The one-piece purse is done. Hopefully I will have snappy photos for you tomorrow. I am thinking it turned out so well I might try to sell the pattern. I have been using the purse for a week, and it holds a grand amount of stuff, plus I get complements galore on it….This might be the pattern to try to complete one of my New Year Resolutions.

3) Anouk is started. Thank you all SOOOOOO much for the advice on the elephant’s back. He has had a face lift and looks better. I have knitted up to the knees, so we’ll see how he looks in a day or so.


jessie said...

When the heck do you find time to knit anything on size 2 needles? I've got socks going on some and it's taking forever. And I'm a fast knitter when I do it.

I must need to watch some more exciting movies.

Laura said...

Sounds like a fun visit! And I am with Jessie. Socks for me are challenging enough on tiny needles. A whole cardigan! I'd be knitting it till I'm old and grey! Can't wait to see it finished!

tammy said...

just stopping by to say hi! glad you had good family time! & I too LOVE elephants! keep rocking the Florida knitting scene!

Stacie said...

hello and wow, I really like your blog too! I just started this blog bizniz, but I am loving all the really awesome stuff out here in the blogisphere. I am gonna have to check out the knitters with kiddies thing. They are worse than kittens, can't keep their dirty hands off!

ErLeCa said...

That's so cool that you went to see manatees! I'd love to see some someday!

And don't you hate it when you're so close to finishing a project, just to find out that you're not going to have enough yarn!

knittinmom said...

Oooh, I love manatees! I'm so jealous.

The cardi looks gorgeous. It kinda sucks how great knitting with thin yarn and tiny little needles looks. Thank god for socks!

Acornbud said...

Wow, a whole cardigan on #2needles! Really beautiful! Enjoy the fun in the sun:)