Monday, February 06, 2006

Stop Drop and Knit

You all always cheer a gal up. And that Cansmom, over at Bits of Knits….she just cracks me up.

I am so in love with her idea of “stop, drop, and knit”. It’s worth a t-shirt. Or knitted onto the side of a snappy felted bag! It just makes me laugh.

Now things are a bit silly here. I have been getting over a hundred hits a day for a few days…which is a lot for us. Apparently someone at one of those knitting message boards posted a link to the St. Louis scarf. Very kind, but a bit embarrassing, since it is not the favorite thing I have done.

In actual knitting news the elephants have bellies. Yes, I had about 30 minutes of knitting time last night. I am waiting until they are done to show you. Hopefully tomorrow evening I’ll get a good block of time.


Acornbud said...

Yay, 30 whole minutes of knitting:)

ErLeCa said...

"Stop, drop and knit" That's just classic! I second putting that on a felted bag or t-shirt!

amanda said...

30 whole minutes of knitting sounds much like my situation. We need to declare a day of knitting for moms!