Monday, February 20, 2006

Ding dong, the witch is dead...

Which ol' witch?
The wicked witch!

At last, the corporate taxes are done. And, the Daytona 500 is over. The cow fields are starting to empty of all the RV's and life is returning to normal.

Did I mention I met a gal the other day at the store...folks in her neighborhood rent out their houses for the week of the races. I thought that was a bit creepy until I found out they get
$6000 for the week. They do it again in the fall...not too shabby.

On the tax front I did a pretty spiffy job, if I do say so myself. The husband is SO lucky he married a math nerd...he is hopeless with such things.

But now that that is off my plate I actually have time to knit again! I didn't realize until this morning how much that was weighing on me. I am almost done with the cardigan on #2 needles (I have begun thinking of it as the "never again" sweater.

I also have quite a backlog of ideas. The parental until arive from Virginia tomorrow, so I am trying to quickly clean and such beofre they get here. The house has gotten a bit shabby with my constant working on the taxes. I actually spent an hour awake the other night wondering if one ran a knit design company if you would have to take Marcs depreciation on your yarn...this was not a healthy mental state.

In any case, I am rewarding myself with some fun sock yarn. I don't know what yet. It should be a good knitting week. Grandparents to occupy the kids, plus my stepmother is learning to knit, so that should be a blast.


jessie said...

Can you be my math nerd?

I hate doing the books and am dangerously close to hiring a bookkeeper even though really it's only a few hours a week, if that.

Our tax appointment is in a couple of weeks. I hope to be ready.

tammy said...

congrats on the end of tax season!

happy knitting week!

Stacie said...

Good job gettting the tax hell over with. That Daytona rental scheme sounds pretty lucrative! I wanna be somewhere warm sooo bad! I can't believe you knit a sweater on 2s! I have knitting ADD, I can hardly get through a scarf I am knitting on 8s. I get bored. It's a gift due on 3/2, so I gotta get it done. Happy knitting!

Latoya said...

Great that you can do taxes! That's truly a great skill to have when this time of year rolls around.
That cardigan is looking wonderful. Sized 1 needles, huh? Yeah, that would probably be on my list of things I'm not going to do again.
Smile and knit on!

ErLeCa said...

I can imagine how crazy it was down there with the race. Yikes. Glad to hear that's over. And that the taxes are over too!

You should definitely get yourself some sock yarn. I know when I have projects like that cardigan I like to get myself some new project just to make myself knit faster on the old one!

Ginger said...

A sweater on #2?!? not for a baby?? are you MAD?!?!

My hubby used to call his parents the 'parental units' too funny that you do too, I have never heard it otherwise.

have fun with the knitting while the Grandparents are in town.

Emily said...

I'm sorry. Did you say you are making that on #2s?! How long is that taking you? My jaw is hanging open in awe.