Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fabulous Prizes!

Well, really if you look behind door number three, and really squint you might just spot it.

So I put up the Grape Ape cable pattern…one tiny problem. Did you spot it?

It’s nothin’ big, it would still work, but it might leave you scratching your head a bit. I'll correct it tomorrow. Since I went a bit crazy the other day making stitch markers, I figure I’ll offer one to the first person that can spot my dumb error.

So, whoever e-mails me the mistake in the chart first gets a fabulous grape ape stitch marker, free!

And I have stuff from by odessy to Sit and Knit yesterday, but no photographs yet. The girls and I had a great time, and we got stuck in traffic for over an hour coming home and I got one skein wound into a ball and a gauge swatch started. I love swatches!

And a tip…your house needs cleaning if you go to photograph you new yarn and cannot find a clean surface to put it on. Really! So I’ve got to go tidy up a bit. If I let that alpaca touch any surface in this house I’d have Fiber Protective Services here to take protective custody of the stash.

So I’ll update this latter with pics. Fun stuff!!


Laura said...

LOL! Fiber Protective Services! I can see them visiting my house (witness the horror as the two year old "unravels" the skein of yarn).

I'm not seeing the mistake in the chart. I'm kind of dumb with charts. I'd have to actually knit it to see, I think. The socks look like they will be really cool!

Bear Knits said...

What does D mean in the chart? Should it be B? I'm guessing here.

knittinmom said...

I cannot WAIT to see the finished Grape Ape socks! What a great idea! And I know what you mean about scrambling to find places to take pictures... I end up taking most of mine on the carpet, but then I have to explain all of those strange spots that show up in the photos. I have a barfy baby and a 2-year-old - what do you expect?