Sunday, November 20, 2005

Not much doin'

I'm just here plugging along on holiday knitting. Once we have more batteries for the camera I'll post some photos. The first "Grape Ape" sock is done. Needs blocking, but otherwise turned out OK.

And an amusing story from the family:

So the husband is telling the girls their bedtime story tonight about a girl named Yawnifer, who only liked to do boring things and eventually marries a guy named Yani.

Girl #1: Like what boring things?

The Husband: Oh, like watch TV, or read books about dirt, or nap…

Girl #1: Did she knit?

The Husband can’t answer, he’s laughing too hard.

This is the respect for knitting we have around here. Deep sigh.


Acornbud said...

Ha, cute story. Thanks for sharing :)

Karen said...

So funny!! I am very sure Yawnifer did not knit!!!

ErLeCa said...

Oh I feel your pain there. If they only knew just how exciting knitting can be right?

Laura said...

Very cute! My almost three year old has been known to say, "don't want mommy to finish her row." So I understand about the (lack of) respect that knitting can get from the family! :)

Anne said...

PMSL - wonderful story!