Friday, November 11, 2005

What are you watching?

Miss MarpleLast night was Netflix movie night, and the husband had selected Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Has anyone seen it? Remember the part where the Improbability Ship turns into a ball of yarn with big knitting needles, and the crew is briefly depicted as knitted dolls?

Well, it’s a roundabout way of getting me thinking about knitting and sweaters in movies. Of course, Gromit knits. And Miss Marple.

Beyond that though, there are some movies where I have a hard time paying attention to the plot because of the sweaters. Usually they are set in World War II era England. You know, tweedy woolen things perfectly shaped.

Two movies I’ve recently seen that had the “sweater distraction” are Charlotte Gray and Sylvia (2003). I also rather like the knitting in the current PBS Miss Marple series. I know, I know, they change Agatha Christie’s plots, and I am not crazy about that, but the wool! Have you seen it?

So for this Friday’s question, what movies/TV shows inspire your knitting?


Karen said...

Has anyone seen the new ABC show Hot Properties? It's pretty bad - but I tend to watch it because I do like Supernanny and then I'm usually to lazy to change the channel. Anyway, one of the characters was knitting last week!!! I also want to knit when I watch Sense and Sensibility.

PS: Love this weekly question thing!!!

Bear Knits said...

It's funny that you mention that. Since I started knitting, I tend to pay attention to the knitted wardrobes when watching TV.

Ginger said...

ok, saw HHGTTG . . . HATED IT! I am a huge fan of the books and original radio show, I HATED THE MOVIE! ok, I'm over that now. yes it was cute how they turned into knitted dolls, etc.

I like to watch TV/DVDs while knitting. Including: Firefly (need to knit a Jayne hat), Lost, LOTR, Harry Potter (lots of inspiration there including the scarves and the Hermione hat and mittens) . . . and hey just other general stuff.

Aimee said...

Oooh, I had this happen recently. I was watching the French film Amelie and Audrey T. wore the most beautiful drapey knitwear through the whole thing. Even a knitted tulip skirt at one point.