Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sign of a Good Project

There it sat. Neglected, Lonely, Forgotten.

Then, Socktoberfest passes and you look at the calendar. Christmas is coming!

So, it is time to dust off those needles.

The worst part about returning to an old project is getting that momentum going again. You know the question…”Now where was I?”.

What makes a good project?

One worth dusting off. I really love how this vest is turning out, but it feels like it is taking forever. There are so many NEW projects calling.

I need a Ribbed Cardi. Need people.

But then, before I click to order the yarn, I spot it.

This is the cardigan I started last year. Then we moved and it got stuck in a box. Just found it. Won’t it be pretty once it has arms and a collar? I am planning on doing the collar in a nice cable rib, just like the hem.

I cannot stand the waste of an unfinished project...I saved to buy all that yarn, but there it sits. All the unfinished projects reflect the year we've had. A lot of change, and not a lot of knittin time.

So, I'm dusting them off. First I finish the vest for Dad's Christmas gift.

Then, something for me!


candsmom said...

You knit the most beautiful and intricate patterns. I love looking at all your beautiful cable work! And I know what you mean about Christmas creeping up on you. I looked at the calendar yesterday and had a moment of panic. Oh,who am I kidding?- several full blown hours of panic. ;-) Can't wait to see the finished Christmas projects and the projects for yourself!

Karen said...

Oooh, I love the color of the "year-old" cardi. Can't wait to see the sleeves and collor!!

Bear Knits said...

Those are beautiful projects! The patterns look so intricate. You really love those cables.