Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Why is it Tuesday and I am only now getting to post?? Because I am a mom, and we run a business from home, and sometimes life conspires so that knitting becomes impossible. I am so glad everyone left such great ideas on how they find time to knit. Today I need them all!

So in the last two days I have been to:

  • Laundromat
  • Playground
  • Bakery
  • Ridiculous five year old birthday party
  • Our local Zoning office
  • Grocery Store
  • Home Depot
  • Preschool
  • Library
  • Playgroup
  • Two Banks
  • Target

How do I cope? Well, I work on a strict treat system. So anytime I am overworked, I give myself a treat.

Yesterday’s treat was a trip to Hancock Fabric to look at yarn. I know, I know. Lion Brand is all they have, but it is what passes for crafting culture around here.

We are so fiber-isolated here I didn’t even know that Lion Brand now has a new 100% wool yarn. It is the only store in a 60 mile radius that has non-acrylic yarn. Plus bamboo needles.

The best part…they had three lonely balls of cotton ease for sale. I know, it has acrylic in it, but for a snappy new sweater for Girl #2, it is perfect.

And for the record, it takes REAL mom talent to entertain a two year old for two hours at a laundromat with only a piece of wool yarn.


beatknit said...

I completely bought out the Cotton Ease clearance stash at my local Joann's. Great for kids because you're not terrified they're ruining expensive fibers with kool aid and peanut butter.

Karen said...

Hate when things are too busy to knit. I'm sending wishes your way for a good chunck of quiet knitting time soon!!

ErLeCa said...

Oh your week sounded exactly like mine (that is, minus having to entertain children, though some of my classmates could be classified as such!) Hopefully you'll find some time to knit soon.

And you're right, you are talented keeping a two year old entertained like that!

Laura said...

Two hours? Wow! That IS impressive.

You know, acrylic DOES have its uses. The new stuff is so lovely and far better than what Granny used a couple of decades ago. I wouldn't use anything else for kids.

candsmom said...

Ooh, Cotton-Ease! I've never tried it, but in my mind, it's been elevated to almost mythical proportions because I know I'll probably never be able to get my hands on it. Must be great for kids clothes. And I take my hat off to you- 2 hours, eh? You are gifted. :-)

Ginger said...

I'm still wondering what makes for a "ridiculous five year old birthday party".