Thursday, November 10, 2005

I’m not telling

Talk about pressure. So I am finally catching up around here…and you will NEVER believe who my holiday sock exchange person is.

NEVER. Will you get it out of me…nope, 'cause I’m not talking.

Well, OK, just a little. The amazing thing is that I used to live less than seven miles from her house. Yup, that close. Can you believe it?? My first boyfriend’s house is less than two miles away. Spooky, huh?

I tell you, the memories are flooding back. He was 14, in my freshman English class. Dark and brooding, if that is possible for a 14 year old. He was an officer in the CAP (Civil Air Patrol). Ah, the romance. A pre-teen in uniform…

Anyway, back to the socks. I have no idea of what to knit. I feel like I ought to start NOW, I have a feeling I am going to be picky about this one. I had been thinking some sort of red and white holiday thing, like fair-isle candy canes, but I’m not sure if that will do at all.

In actual knitting news, the little cardigan I am working on is zipping along. I am working it in one piece until I reach the armholes and then we’ll start to worry about how to manage the sleeves. The nice thing about knitting for miniature people is it goes quickly.

Sorry for the lack of photos. Girl #1 had a big leg injury that ate up most of my "Free time". Hint to five year olds: If you are NOT supposed to climb on your furniture, tipping the dresser over so it pins you to the ground WILL get you caught! No broken bones, but hopefully she now realizes "maybe these arbitrary rules mom comes up with are good for me. Except for the one about not licking things."


candsmom said...

Ooh, what a blog tease! I suppose we'll find out who your intended is soon enough. And doesn't "dark and brooding" basically define the teen male species? ;-)

ErLeCa said...

That is so strange that your sock exchange person used to live so close! Maybe instead of theme socks you should make some nice cabled socks, those always look great and they can be worn anytime!

Ariane said...

That's why I chose YOU to knit her socks...your work is beautiful and I know she would be estatic to receive such socks, and you know how she's always complaining about how she's not one for knitting lace, cables and fair would be a real treat for her!

Laura said...

Glad to hear that Girl #1 is OK! That sounds like a nasty accident. I have furniture climbers too, so I can't believe that hasn't happened in our house yet.