Friday, March 24, 2006

And I thought I had dust bunnies

OK, I know Phil Spector is on trail, and that isn't funny, but have you seen his hair?

I know, I giggle every time.

OK, back to knitting. I have made no progress on anything. Big-Sis is on Sprig Break from preschool this week, so there has been very little down time around here.

I AM working on a cover letter. I have a few ideas for patterns I am going to try to peddle to some of the knitting spots. Has anyone done this? I am intimidated by the thought, but I'd really like to see if I can do it.

Since I'll be teaching again next year, now is the time to try it.

And in more non-knitting news it is sounding like I'll get to go back to the school I taught in last year right before we left to move down here. I am really hoping this works out. It is a great school, and I loved the faculty. Plus, the county is opening a new elementary school on the same complex, so I can walk Big-Sis to school every morning. And they have a great preschool program for Little-Sis at the high school.

Either way I am going to have to start thinking. I no longer really have a work wardrobe, so I am trying to think of things to knit and sew to help the budget. If I get this school the colors are green and blue, and that looks so much better on me than orange.


Beth said...

My high school colors were orange and black. That looks really good on very few people...

Good luck on your job!

amanda said...

Lordy what is he thinking with that hair? I'm guessing it is at least one can of AquaNet to make it through the day without any hair drooping.

christine said...

Lordy - Phil must be sticking his finger in electric sockets in his spare time.......what a goof!
You haven't really stopped thinking, you've just been thinking in another direction............