Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You can hear a pin drop

So, is it a little extra quiet around your neighborhood?

Perhaps it is because all the motorcycles are down here for Bike Week.

Oh yes, we have motorcycles. The BIG Bike Week events are this weekend, so the girls and I are going grocery shopping tomorrow so I don’t have to leave the house all weekend. I am not kidding, it is that crowded.

The husband is out of town and has the digital camera, or I’d show you a picture. Insted here's a headline from our local paper:
Stunt rider hurt at cole slaw wrestling event

And a photo from Biketoberfest last October. This is one block of miles like this right now. INSANE.

I had planned on bringing you all exciting local drama. The local no-full nudity ordinance just got overturned, so all the strip clubs are very excited. We have LOTS of strip clubs…try explaining all those neon signs to a 5 year old just learning to read-OY!

So there has been all sorts of fun press about the folks here for Bike Week running around naked. But, so far nothing too interesting.

Except…there’s this woman. She walks up and down the main road near our house, KNITTING!

Always the same yellow bulky yarn. She sings while she walks. And the project she is doing is a big rectangle, it never gets any bigger, although I can SEE her knit. This worth Nancy Drew attention.

Fascinating, no?

Apart form the signing and knitting thing she appears to be a normal business person waiting for the bus.

Although really, normal people here are not dressed for business, unless casual Fridays now include leather corsets. And lots of tattoos. And normal people here don’t walk. They ride motorcycles. So really she does stand out. But she cheers me up.

(And please don't think I am anti-bike. It is all pretty amusing. Except for the moron down the road that keeps drag racing with his buddies down our street at 70 MPH. We are a pretty quiet residential area, and I am nervous to take the girls for a walk!

Otherwise, just extra folks in line at the store. Most of them very nice.)


Beth said...

Cole slaw wrestling? I've just been eating it. What have I been missing?!

Good luck with Bike Week. I was in Myrtle Beach once during Harley Week. Boy, was it noisy!

tammy said...

I worked for a Harley dealership in SF. I was the buyer & head of retail operations for the clothing division. I never had any real interest in or experience with motorcycles. I answered an ad for a retail manager of a large multi location biz.
Bike folk are some of the nicest people out there, friendly, warm, and generous. But man oh man, in large groups they are crazy loud and obnoxious. : )
keep the girls inside. It's a good week for spring cleaning.

Stacie said...

nekkid bikers on cole slaw! hmmmm, sounds alot more fun than my boring neighborhood! NASCAR, now Bike Week, what next?

Latoya said...

Your neighborhood is certainly not boring right now. Naked folk, knitting and singing, drag racing. Whoo Hoo! Just sit on the porch and enjoy the scenery.
Knit on!