Friday, March 10, 2006

See, knitting really can fix anything

One of my favorite theories is that a hand knitted item can fix most bad situations.

For instance, pre school registration was this week.

Now, little-sis will not be going to this pre-school next year because we are moving. But, big-sis got it into her head that her little sister was going to “real” school for the day. By the time I was up they had been out of bed for at least an hour. They had donned matching outfits and big sister had packed lunches for both of them. And done their hair.

I didn’t have the heart to say no, so after un-fixing the hair we went off to be oriented.

It was a sham folks, a total sham.

Basically there are a set of parents that are also “child professionals”. We were never allowed to know what kind. They had volunteered to “evaluate” all the incoming kids for next year to try to get good class mixes. So I dropped the little one off on the playground and then realized the kids were being followed around by these clipboard people. They kept checking things off.

Since we are leaving I don’t have to worry about being “that” mom, so I asked “Why are there people with clipboards following our kids around?” I got a “we’ll explain in a minute”. They never really did. Instead we got a lecture about it being a sugar free school. All of the moms with kids already there had a good laugh over that one.

Anyway, when the kids were returned to us she saw me and burst into tears. Her ponytails had totally wilted. The clipboards had tried to make her put down her “ni-night”. That’s the blanket I made while pregnant with her that goes EVERYWHERE with us.

This is the part where I get really irritated. As we were leaving the clipboard lady stopped me to let me know that I didn’t need to worry about her carrying around a blankie. She was “able” to put it down and participate with the other children once I was gone. “So it is OK”.

Of course it is OK. She’s two! She is potty trained, can count to 57 and uses the words “concentrate” and “annoying” on a regular basis. She also draws tattoos on her legs, takes on bullies three times her size, and gets stuck in trees. She’s wacky, always has been.

So? She has a blanket.

All afternoon she was pretty meek, and would not let ni-night out of her sight.

Big-sis to the rescue. She said we should make a small ni-night, so little-sis could have one in her pocket when big ni-night couldn’t go. Sounded like a grand plan, and I was going to dig through the stash to see if I still had any of that yarn. (Webs Valley Cotton, my favorite).

So yesterday I got up, and there was big-sis, furrowed brow, bent over her knitting. She wanted to finish it so little sis had a new little ni-night to take with her to school. Little sis was watching everything, and obviously feeling much better.

I didn’t have the heart to explain that ni-night was crochet out of cotton, not knitted out of pink wool. It doesn’t matter. She got two whole stitches by herself after 30 minutes of trying. That’s a first. I think those two stitches are more full of good intentions than anything I have ever knitted.

And that brings me to another knitting theory. I believe that what you are thinking and feeling while knitting goes into it just as much as the yarn does.


christine said...

Becca - what sweet sisters they are......glad to hear that you get to move! Sounds like you are quite excited!

The girls are gorgeous, and so are their sweaters!

ErLeCa said...

That is so sweet. You're right, you know. Knitting can fix anything!

ErLeCa said...

That is so sweet. You're right, you know. Knitting can fix anything!

Stacie said...

that is sooo sweet! Linus carried a blankie, and he was a genius! Your girls sound very precious (of course they are) and so different than my world of two boys! Maybe one of them will knit, I learned from a 26 yr old punkrock boy...

candsmom said...

Big-sis is such a sweetheart! I don't know what I'd do without my sisters and I'm so glad to see the way your girls are already sticking up for each other. I'd be just as irritated about the clipboard geeks- who died and deemed these brainiacs "experts?" There is more to being a well-adjusted child than can be checked off on some darned clipboard. I'm so glad you're moving!! Your girls are just adorable together and I completely agree with your knitting theory. If only sweaters could speak, the tales they would tell! It's amazing what thoughts comprise the knitting consciousness! Take care and have a great weekend! :-)

Sonya said...

Now that is a good big sister. I had a blankie and I can't state in public how long I depended on it. Suffice it to say I know exactly where it is even now. (Just in case I need it.) I love the picture of the girls together in their pink sweaters!

Acornbud said...

I had the "pleasure" of spending a weekend with a 2 years old. Since mine are a score past that age I was so reminded of what amazing creatures they are. I believe they are all a bit wacky at that age...or perhaps they are fine and "we" are wacky. I love your pink sweaters

Laura said...

What a great story! I get all choked up when my boys are sweet to each other. It's nice to see, isn't it? :)

jessie said...

I'd be happy to be leaving that preschool behind if I were you. I hope you find a more nurturing one in your new town. (I think it is the nature of some preschools to get caught up in numbers and statistics and requirements and lose sight of the kids as unique and amazing individuals.)

Your girls sound wonderful.

amanda said...

You are so right! And what a cute story and amazing girls you have!

tammy said...

this post actually made me cry a little. Your girls are awesome, the way that they really stick together.
I have always belived that anything created by hand is charged with the emotions of the person while they created it. knitting, sewing, garden, food, babies, art in general. So I am guessing that were one very happy pregnant lady! ; )

tammy said...
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Emily said...

Awesome sisters! I had a blanket, too (still have it, actually, you don't just throw out your best friends when you don't need them anymore), his name was Night-Night. So you can see why I would take a personal interest in this story. I took a corner to pre-school and turned out just fine.