Friday, March 17, 2006

I should have photos of all the yarn we dyed. Or all the knitting. Frankly though I have been so busy sewing for the girls that I haven't been able to look for the camera. I am making them summer shorts, since it suddenly has hit 80 degrees here.

On Monday after dinner we went to the store, and bought 41 packs of blue Kool Aid. I got a lot of strange looks, and was really tempted to tell everyone that yes, indeed, this was all I was feeding my children for dinner.

So I spent the evening overdying all 10 balls of tan Palette yarn from Knit Picks that I bought last fall. I did shades of blue, blue-green, and blue-purple. Since then I have been frantically knitting away on a top down sweater on size 3 needles.

I know, I said no more small needles, but I already had the Palette yarn, and it was too loose on anything bigger.

So tomorrow is supposed to be sunny again, so I'll snap some photos.

Oh, and a reminder of how weird this place is, the girls and I were driving through the parking lot of JoAnn's today, and I had to swerve to avoid hitting an old man in one of those "senior mobility" scooters...not too unusual around here.

Except for his green mohawk.

And he was totally nude.

I am really not sure what he could possibly need at JoAnn's...unless he was going to knit a jock strap.

And on that visual...Have a great weekend!


may said...

hahah whoa...that must have been crayyyzee!

I can't wait to see the results from your dyeing escapades! I'm so glad I gave you a tiny bit of inspiration! :D

christine said...

Oh my goodness! What did you tell the girls?
In Chicago, that would be pretty normal in the summer.....except for the green mohawk!

Acornbud said...

heh...after that story, you are forgiven for no pictures (wink) I can't wait to see how the blue turned out.

Danielle said...

I'm so jealous -- I've looked in about 5 stores near me and can't find ANY blue kool aid!!!

Can't wait to see the end result...

ErLeCa said...

Wow, old nude man on a mobility scooter with a mohawk... I don't think anything else could ever surprise you now!

Stacie said...

A knit jock strap, hmmm... sounds sporty!

tammy said...

this reminded me of a sight that I witnessed several years ago. While driving through SF late one evening, a homeless man was bare naked, pushing a shopping cart, wearing a pair of pants on his head, singing "I enjoy being a girl". ahhh good times!