Tuesday, March 28, 2006


As I have mentioned I will be teaching again next year. I am not sure exactly what yet, but it will be some combo of high school math and computer science.

So I have set up a few challenges for myself.

First, I need a working wardrobe. I have a few of my staples, but really there is not much there after a year and a half out of the classroom. So I am trying to knit through my stash to a new wardrobe. I figure with a few good white blouses and some basic pants, I can add knitted vests and cardigans to round things out until I can really afford to go shop.

Second, I'd like to try to sell some of my patterns. So I am trying to figure out a cover letter, and have been ordering lots of balls of yarn to play with. I am really hoping to get this started.

Which brings me to frogging. I have all this snappy pumpkin colored wool, that I originally bought to make a vest.

Then I discovered Top down knitting, so I figured "A plain v-neck pumpkin sweater! I need that". Maybe someone else would need that.

I got about two inches past the armpits...BORING!! When I tried it on it fit great, looked fine, but I kept thinking "why bother!"

So now I am back to the vest idea, with maybe a rounded scoop neck. Some type of texture, like a chevron, or fancy seed stitch.

And shaping. Anything to give the illusion of a waist.

Obviously all of this is distracting me from blogging. The girls keep finding me sitting and muttering in my knitting chair covered on a pile of yarn. I actually have nothing on the needles right now, and no obvious next project.

It's fun just to play for a bit.


Stacie said...

I know what ya mean about getting bored with a project. It makes it hard to get 'er done. I keep coming back to look at Phil...

may said...

i love making patterns up, but i don't think i could ever be a knitwear designer, because it would mean keeping notes, and being really careful. That just ain't my style ;) Good luck with it!

Latoya said...

My associate that is a teacher literally put herself on a uniform. Khakis and a shirt for school. She said she was trying to save on money and didn't want to have to feel obligated to buy other things for work. Sounds like you have a great plan.
I can't wait to see what you come up with on the vest. I know its hard to decide.
Do post on how selling your patterns goes.
Knit on!