Thursday, September 15, 2005

Halfway there!

This is the vest I designed for my Dad's birthday present. Since his birthday was last week I've had to downgrade it to a Christmas present. The parental units are visiting from Willimsburg next week, so I need to come up with a replacement birthday gift pronto!

Here's my sketch: (math major, not art major!)

And here's the back:

The back of Dad's vest.

It's so exciting to see it halfway done. It has been a struggle to find good times to knit a heavy wool vest here in Florida. Not the ideal playground knit.

The two side cables are borrowed from Linda Romens' Faux Cable Pullover in "Knitting in America". The rest is my design. Let me tell you it took forever to work out all the ribbing so it would meetup with the cables. I goofed on the center cable, but I don't think you can see it in the picture. Yarn is Knitpicks...which I love. Still needs blocking, but I'll get to that once the front is done.


Cherice said...

Thanks for the comment!! The shrug my daughter is wearing is from the Spring issue of interweave knits only much much smaller, it is very handy in dance class (we'll have to upgrade to a snow suit soon, not as cute as the shrug but functional as well).

I love your dad's vest it's beautiful. I knit my dad a sweater in college, I think he wore it twice. He was a plaid shirt kind of guy, not a big sweater wearer.

Whit said...

Absolutely gorgeous vest!! Fabulous design. Nice blog.