Monday, September 19, 2005

Well, the house may not be anywhere near ready for guests, but I did find my knitting magazines.

The plan HAD been to clean this past weekend, but with sick kid, it got worse. So, we now have 24 hours to clean, and scrub, and straighten and dust. Deep sigh.

We are not unclean people, it is just that my folks house looks like a museum. Really, the guest room has a 200 year old bed. They call it the Charleston Room because the bed was made as a wedding gift for my father’s great-great grandfather in Charleston. I could scrub for a week and still feel unkempt. I am just not that together.

So this morning, I am trying to get both girls out the door for a 10 AM doctor’s appointment. “Ten?” you say, “why the problem?” Well, let me just say that at 9:30 while still trying to decide which knitting project to take for the waiting room when I realized not only had I forgotten a bra, but the only clean one was still in the washing machine. Then as I pull out the hair dryer I realize that I forgotten to rinse the conditioner out of my hair. Shove in some sunglasses to slick back the mess, whip on damp bra to find the two year old sobbing because she’s lost her “high heel” (translation: pink flip flop).

It kept going from there, I won’t torture you. By some minor miracle we got there on time and got to sit for 40 minutes, so I got in a little knitting time and managed to finish one of my Christmas projects.

Maybe tomorrow will be calmer.

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