Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Many go out for wool, and come home shorn themselves.

First I need to say a big thanks …folks have been quite encouraging about my taking a little break. Visiting family always brings on the “no time for me” malaise. I am now freckled (no tans here), rested and ready to go.

As I mentioned yesterday I have started a new cardigan for preschool. It is Merino Style from KnitPicks in a snappy rhubarb color. The bottom rib is an easy 6 stitch cable with the cables along the button band extending to the top of the collar, if that makes sense. I am working in the round, and am still puzzling over how to handle the sleeves…I have a good three inches to go before we have to worry about it. It’ll either work out or turn into a vest. It’s Florida, who needs sleeves??

Anyway after I ordered the yarn she decided She had to have a hood. I personally have this paranoia thing about hoods getting stuck on things and hanging people. Morbid, irrational worry, but worry none the less. As a child I formed this totally illogical belief that if I could think of every terrible thing that might happen, then it wouldn’t really happen. To my seven year old brain really bad things were always total surprises. It’s left me with odd adult compulsions…nothing overwhelming, just a little nagging voice saying “but what if…?”.

So, I think I might see if I can do a button up hood along the top. Hard to describe, so here goes:

Warm? No hood required? Leave unbuttoned and you have a big collar/cape thing.

Rainy? Need a hood? Button up along the top. Presto, change-o, re-arrange-o, you have a hood.

I have done a few bad sketches and I think it will work. Only problem is I do not have enough yarn for the hood and the sleeves. For the sake of the hood I will have to carry on, and order more yarn.

Oh, the suffering.

I got all of what I have done on the cardigan was done on the way back and forth from St. Augustine. Very pretty as always.

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