Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wash your hands!

Not much kitting here today. The gals are sick with some sort of stomach bug. They have finally both fallen asleep. The husband is stopping by the store on his way home form work to pick up dinner and saltines. I am now really regretting putting off cleaning the house the last few days. The parental units arrive in a mere 3 days…

I did manage to get a few rows of the Horrible Scarf done. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow. It is supposed to be a gift for my stepmother for Christmas. It is a gorgeous alpaca lace yarn in exactly her color blue, but it is the THIRD lace pattern I have tried with it. I think this one is finally easy enough to try. I can do a lotta things, but so far lace ain’t one of them. I am also crippled by my inability to actually just do a pattern as written. I always decide to tweak it “just a little”. I do not understand lace well enough to just start changing things.

I also found this at Urban Outfitters and think I might try something similar in the new Palette yarn from KnitPicks.

I hear murmurs from the other room…
gotta go find a bucket.

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