Friday, September 16, 2005


I realized today that I have been so worried about finishing Christmas projects that I almost forgot about Halloween costumes.

This year, after much deliberation, and arguing, it was decided that the girls could BOTH be Dorothy form the Wizard of Oz. We have the gingham, they have chosen their Totos, we even have the ruby red slippers.

The problem? I have always KNIT something for Halloween. Like last year:

In case you cannot tell she is Princess Leia. I knitted the hat and then sewed on long braids to the sides for buns. Very handy since it was pretty chilly last year in Virginia. The year before she wanted to be Abraham Lincoln with a snake, and I knitted a beard out of the stuff they sell for doll’s hair at the craft store. Don’t ask about the snake, we never did figure out why she needed one.

Why bother with all of this, why not just go buy something? Well, as a child I dreaded Halloween. I always had all these great ideas, but every year, I got pretty much whatever my mother could make out of a box. We always moved in early fall, so I got to be a Christmas present, a birthday present, a TV, you get the idea. One really bad year I was a moving box…creative, no?

In her defense we had just moved form Fort Ord California to Fort Campbell KY (Dad was Airborne). We had to drive for five days cross country because we got our moving orders days before she was due to give birth to my sister. We got there and the moving van had gotten lost, so we spent several nights on cots my dad had borrowed from the barracks. Fortunately Sally was 2 weeks late and arrived Nov 6th. Really I was lucky she managed anything at all.
Elann. Besides, eventually all they will want are the generic store made costumes, so I might as well knit for them while I can.
Big-Sis in my socks knit in Patton's Grace
Mattie pretends to be a munchkin in the backyard. Everything grows bigger in Florida!
So I think this year I am going to knit blue socks. Why bother? Well, I like socks, and I really have been wanting to try the Sock It to ME Collection Esprit on

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Dorothy said...

Hi, I was doing a search for Ft. Ord, California, and landed on your blog. I was there in '60. I hear the base is closed now...would you happen to know if it is or not? I was planning on taking a trip there in a couple of months. Thanks for any information!