Sunday, December 18, 2005

I am worried about us

Have you been reading the knitting blogs? Of course you have, or you wouldn’t be here, but I mean have you been READING them??

We all seem a bit frantic.

There is of course some gorgeous holiday knitting happening out there, but personally the race to finish is beginning to stress me a bit.

I am here today to share a story of a knitting grandmother and a time saving tip.

So there I was, knitting away on a sock at my last Mops (mothers of preschoolers) meeting. And one of the moms came over and started asking about what I was working on. She actually correctly identified it as a sock, which showed some basic understanding, if you know what I mean. She then starts talking about her grandmother the knitter. I love that knitting is such a good conversation starter.

Anyway, this gal’s grandmother was a champion knitter. Every family member got new duds for birthdays and Christmas. Gorgeous sweaters. The catch was she refused to finish, so every year they got a huge box of sweater parts they had to put together.

Is that not hilarious? Think of the time that would save you!! I just have this mental image of all the kids opening the box on Christmas morning…it makes me laugh.

Since the holidays are about family, do you have any funny family knitting stories?

Here’s another one I found online from Lynne Chaney at the White House web site. (and please don’t make this into a democrat/republican thing, it’s the holidays and I’d rather not go there)

Actually the white house site has a surprising number of knitting stories. Big pastime for the first ladies.


And a side note, I just came across this for those of us that need some holiday knitting encouragement. Franklin's blog is very snappy, and I had to share. His drawings make me smile, and who can beat that?

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ErLeCa said...

I have actually done that. One year I was making this gorgeous Dale of Norway sweater for my dad. I was pretty close to finishing, but I just wasn't there. So I wrapped up the sleeves, and the body and gave it to him as his gift, with the stipulation that I'd be finishing it in the next couple of days! It worked out fine and it really took the stress off a bit!