Monday, December 05, 2005

Stocking Pics

This is girl #2 posing with her (almost) new stocking. Sorry for the blur, she's 2.5, and has a hard time being still. At the library this morning the walked straight into a fish tank. Close call.

For a more representational pose, here is Girl #2. She almost never has a hard time being still. She's our thinker.

And notice the window. They are on our back porch, where it is freakishly warm. It was 80 degrees today. 80!! It is snowing and in the 30's in Willy right now.

It is odd here, but I could get used to going to the beach in December.


Karen said...

I love the stocking, wow!! It coming out so great! Your knitting is really terrific. Oohh, the beach in December - without 20 layers of clothing? Dreamy. And clearly, the fishtank must have jumped out in front of Girl #2!! ;)

christine said...

The girls are adorable!!! And, I'll still send you some cold, wind, and snow!!!!!!!!!

ErLeCa said...

Soooo cute! That stocking is going to be great!

Laura said...

I love the stockings!

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

By the way, I love the grape ape cable. You are a very talented knitter.

keohinani said...

absolutely fabulous!
the great thing about christmas stockings is that you only have to make one.