Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Shhh...you don't see me

I am not here. I am really doing laundry and cooking dinner. No blogging here. See the lady over there making jello for sick children? That's me...

(Warning, non knitting content below. For knitting skip to the ** )

Whew, let me tell you. BUSY!!

A bit of back story. We currently live in my husband's grandmother's
Grandma's Weddinghouse. Husband's wacky Grandma used to help watch the kids of the husband's current stepmother. She lived accross the street. Funny way to meet, huh?

Anyway, my father in-law had a big stroke last spring, he can now walk again with a cane, but still can't use his right hand. He is slowly regaining some speach, but has to be prompted on most words. Up until this he was a very successful aeorospace engineer. Wings were his specialty. Did stuff with stealth bomber, various F-15, 17's. You know, a rocket scientist. So all of their friends down here are stopping by to see him, which is sweet, but I need to install a revolving door. Poor guy is pooped.

And the girls are sick. This is only the second time Girl # 1 has even had a fever. She's a horse, that kid. So it is a bad disease that can put her out for days and days.

Oh, and did I mention my sister in-law is here from Washington State also? She just finished a tour in Iraq.

So the sister in law has a birthday this week. (All three of the husband's sibling were born on the same day). Her husband is currently serving in Iraq and
her in-laws live in Tampa . So not only are we having the whole family over for Christmas dinner, but now we are hosting her birthday dinner too. Plus, father-in-law's cousins he hasn't seen in years want to come visit too. I think I will be feeding 20 people on Thursday. I was thinking turkey, but buffalo is probably a better bet.

So that is why I am NOT blogging right now. Nope, not me.

(** Knitting news continues here )

The good news is I have finished the scarf for the brother in law. He's the twin of the sister that's here now. Are you following this? Me either.

It is the best scarf ever. I am wearing it now...pardon me, the doorbell.

Yo, I'm back. Just the uncle in-law stopping by.

It is done in the Knit Picks Andean Treasure in Lagoon and Granite. I'll add pictures later. That is if the doorbell will hush for a while.


keohinani said...

tee hee hee! you're a stealthy knit blogger, you are! and my, what a busy house you have! good luck with everything :)

christine said...

I'm truly thinking of you and yours.........have a great christmas...

Acornbud said...

Hah, stealth blogging. Such a busy time for you. Amazing you got any knitting in there at all!

Gina L said...

Nasty, dreadful flu! Poor babies. What a good mama making jello. Wow that is something I haven't made in a really long time. Sounds good. Happy Holidays to you.

Gina L said...
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