Friday, December 16, 2005

The in-laws are coming, the in-laws are coming

Ala Paul Revere. Now I just need some sort of lantern signal system that will tell me WHEN they are arriving and HOW LONG they are staying.

"We'll probably leave Saturday or Sunday or Monday. We might stop by my sister's house." This is all the information I have.

They obviously have no clue how filthy my house is. The girls have colds. I have been busy trying to fit in all the cookie-making and knitting that Christmas necessitates, and so the housework is sorely lacking here.

Plus, I need to know what to cook. This is a tough one. They are picky eaters, but never tell you until halfway through the meal that they don’t like something.

But the worst part is, they are staying in the yarn, I mean guest, room. I have to figure out what knitting I want out of there for the week or month they’ll be staying. Deep sigh.

On an up note I am SO close to finishing the vest it hurts. It is so neat to see the whole thing come together. As soon as I finish it I’ll add a picture to the post.

I am thinking I might even work up a pattern. It really does look snappy, and maybe someone out there has a few hundred yards of wool that need to be a vest.

Can you tell how excited I am about how it has turned out??? My poor husband had to stare at it and oooh for a good while before I’d let him sleep last night. Such a good sport, and defiantly worth enduring the in-laws over.

Gratuitous shot of the girls and the husband


christine said...

oh, man -- I'm feeling for relatives here (for once). Think UGLY.....

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

That's a good man. Mine'll ooh and ahh just slightly for me when I need it, too. What's really great, though, is that he's starting to know the wool brands. He can casually slip them into conversation from time to time... "Yes, well, it's good so-and-so is spending some time in Japan, she'll have great access to one of the more popular yarn brands." A man after my own heart.

Wanda said...

The vest looks great. Hope you get the house all sorted out before the inlaws arrive.

Jennifer said...

I've got inlaws coming in to town too. Ditto with the sick kids. I'm in denial. Ultimately though the visit will go fine, and your will too, I hope.