Thursday, December 29, 2005

Knitting News

Hey! The last of the houseguests just left. (Yeah!!) The girls are (almost) over the flu. If I could only find my floor again. This place is quite the mess.

We had a great Christmas despite all the chaos. No yarn from Santa, but I got a nice teapot, and I consider that necassary equipment. Also a copy of "Sensational Knitted Socks". Good loot.

Not much knitting happening, I am way too busy cleaning. But I did find this bit of knitting news. Scroll down a bit, it is on the left, or you can listen to the whole show. I was a bit disapointed they spoke of knitters as being of "a certain age", but funny none the less.

And if you have never heard the show "Wait wait don't tell me" you should give it a try. Great stuff!

Gotta scoot, for some reason Girl #2 is glued to "BBC news" in the other room. They really will watch anything!

P.S. Nevermind, they missed their flight. One more night.


Laura said...

I agree with you about the teapot. It really is an invaluable addition to the knitting notions collection. :)

I have almost bought Sensational Knitted Socks many times. But at this point, I have SO many sock books. Really -- this one and Socks Socks Socks are about the only ones I'm missing. Oh, and the one that's shaped like a sock -- don't have that one. I need SKS to round out my collection, or can I live without it? :) Happy New Year!

Ginger said...

I have SKS and I love it. Good for you that it has been added to your collection.

Sorry to hear about the missed flight, this too shall pass. =)