Saturday, December 31, 2005


The house is empty. Except for the miniature people. They are picnicking in the backyard, so I have a nice moment of peace.
Things are moving a bit slowly here. The disease from the last few weeks has settled into my sinuses, which means I need to go to the doctor.

Which of course means I have to FIND a doctor.

Did I tell you about the one the HMO assigned me? The one with sandals and dirty toes? Not to gross you out, but I was so distracted last visit I really am not sure if anything medical happened. How can you trust a person with dirty toes with your health? I know we live near the beach now, but really.
So I am taking today off, no mopping or cleaning, just rest, knitting and bad TV. And I mean bad. Did you know they have a show called Ballroom Bootcamp? Did I mention I hate ballroom shows? Well, I was knitting and dropped the remote, so ballroom it is. What we suffer for the sake of art.
I am working on a vest/cardigan for girl#2. It is my last bit of Cotton Ease. Here’s the swatch I did in November. It is coming along. I am almost done with the shoulders. I am trying to perfect knitting in one big piece, then separating into the front and back.

And here, finally, my new socks from my sock exchange pal:
Aren’t they grand? The colors are perfect, did you see how they went with my snappy chords? And they fit great. Here’s a close up of the stitch pattern:
So Pretty. I cannot begin to tell you what a treat these are. This has been a lousy two weeks, and these socks have cheered my up so much!!
And if you need something to make you smile, here's a blog with pictures of Tasmanian penguins in sweaters.


Acornbud said...

Yikes I better not show my toes at work! I love those great socks and got a big kick out of the penquins in sweaters. Have a Happy New Year!

Laura said...

Had I seen the doctor with the sandals and dirty toes, I would have needed medical attention for an entirely different reason. I have this thing about seeing other people's bare feet. Really, men's feet. I need to know a guy REALLY well before I can see his feet.

OK, so now that my quirks are all out in the open, allow me to say three other things:

1. AWESOME socks.
2. The penguins! So cute!
3. Hope you are feeling better soon.

christine said...

Becca - hope you feel much better soon - I'm still thinking and plotting (sp?)about our little project. Those socks are wonderful! Happy New Year!!!

ErLeCa said...

I'm with you, I think I would have been just as distracted by a doctor with dirty toes... ewww.

Love the socks, you're one lucky girl. And it looks like whatever you're making for the munchin will turn out great if the swatch is any indication.

Hope you feel better soon and find a clean-toed doctor!

JustApril said...

Those are very pretty! Nice colorway, too. You can find the links to the place where I bought the yarn, Rock Creek, in my post

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