Friday, January 13, 2006

Local Harvest

Hey! hope everyone is having a snappy day.

And you all are too smart, it is in fact "We have eaten the elephant"

Not much going on today, so I thought I'd show you this:

This is a group that connects you to small farmers and markets and you can buy their goods online. They have a nice selection of yarn, rovings and such. Thought you might enjoy!


Laura said...

Hi there Becca! Thanks for the cool link. Looking forward to seeing your Anouk. I have many times wondered if it were worth it to peruse the weaving yarns on Webs. Darnit, you've opened up new possibilities for spending money on yarn. Yikes. :)

keohinani said...

haha, when i clicked on the link, the first thing i saw was the picture of yarn!
we have eaten the elephant...haha! that was a good one. that had me stumped. would be funny to see on a license plate :)