Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Well tomorrow the pre-school grind starts up again. I have therefore decided to spend today at home. The less time in the van the better. Plus it is sunny and 80 degrees here, so I am torturing the girls by making them play outside. I am a cruel beast.

I have spent the last few days thinking about New Year's resolutions. I generally don't go to crazy with these, I'm pretty happy as I am. Still there are a few things I'd like to in my knitting life.

1) Finally figure out lace. I can do the most complex cables, but lace confuses me to no end.

2) Get a local knitting group started. We has a few meetings this summer, but it kind of fizzled. Any ideas on how to do this would be appreciated. I know folks here knit, because Barnes and Noble keeps a huge selection of knitting books in the stroe, and the selection is always changing, so SOMEONE is buying those books.

3) Improve my patterns. I almost always knit my own thing, but I don't always keep great notes. I'd like to start keeping track of what I did and perhaps start trying to sell a few patterns.

4) Clear some ideas out of the stash. I usually do not have a lot of projects waiting in the wing, but right now I have a real glut of things I need to get to.

I hope everyone is having a grand new year so far!!

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nona said...

Excellent resolutions -- I know you can accomplish these! I really encourage you to get your local knitting group started. One key is a consistent and reliable organizer. The organizer of my group established a set date and time for us to meet and always sends out email reminders. Start your group, no matter how small, and it will grow.