Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some dis-assembly required

(added Monday, Jan 9th)So anyone that visited the blog over the weekend probably wondered WHY the random picture of yarn? I got the photo posted, then we lost our internet connection. Finally it has returned.

This pile if yarn is from a gorgeous sweater of the husband's from J. Crew. It is probably about 15 years old and he stopped wearing it before we were married almost ten years ago.

It is a bit more caramel than the picture shows. This is just one sleeve! I had done the other sleeve before we moved, and have finished about 2/3 of the front of a cabled vest. We're in the middle of a cold snap down here (lows in the 50's), and I am trying to finish a few projects that got stalled by the move last spring.

The neat thing is that the yarn is wool, and the process of unravelling, washing and hanging to dry has felted it slightly. It makes for a really neat fabirc. I'll try to get pics up later today.


Laura said...

Cool! I can't wait to see what the fabric looks like.

ErLeCa said...

I love recycling sweaters! I've even recycled a couple that I made years ago and have since stopped wearing. I might as well re-use the yarn for something I'll actually wear right?

christine said...

this sweater recycling is a pretty nifty idea.......also, frogging without causing the problem is kind of a nice thought!

tammy said...

Chris has an old red j.crew sweater that is WAY to big. I bought him a new one, almost identical , for xmas. I was going to felt the whole thing & make a purse (alterknits). But now I remember that I have been wanting to recycle a sweater. oooh, dilemma!
LOVE your post title "sweaters for snakes"! That would be a great blog name, or punk band name.... or somethin!!