Monday, January 23, 2006


First, a real elephant. We went to the circus this week. This was Girl #1's favorite part.

Then a swatched elephant.

This one shows the color better:

This one is obviously washed out, but you get a better sense of the shape. This will do far a good swatch, but I am still playing around with the overall shape. Both girls instantly said "Elephant!" when I asked them what it was. Still, his back and hindquarters are bugging me. A tad lumpy. The whole thing has to fit in an area about 22 stitches by 20 rows, so there's not much room.

Any ideas?


ErLeCa said...

His back could maybe extend a bit more. It looks a little like a camel's hump from the picture. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely an elephant, but like you said, it's a tad bit lumpy.

keohinani said...

cuuute elephant! maybe you can make it more round? i'm thinking maybe two more purple sts in the row next to the top hump, and one more at the end of the next row down. great job! the colors are adorable :)

candsmom said...

That's such an adorable elephant! No mistaking it for any other four-legged creature. ;-) It looks wonderful! :-)

knittinmom said...

That is really cute!!! I agree w/ the others - round out the back a bit more and maybe give it a little bit more of a tail? I can't tell if you have a tail in there, or if that's just color bleed through the green. I think a more defined tail would be really cute. I think the head and legs are perfect, though!

Jamie said...

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