Saturday, January 21, 2006

The yarn has entered the building

The yarn for my pal's Anouk arrived today. It is the eggplant cone on the right. I already had the Willow on the left. I had this delusion that I was going to make this fabulous shirt from one of the Jaeger books. Nice pattern, but it did not accommodate my post-baby belly-bulge.

I am planning on changing the pattern I did for Girl #2‘s version and adding elephants. If I can find the time I’ll swatch tonight. Things are crazy here. Girl #2 is sick, again. She’s a thumb sucker and catches everything that comes along.

Needless to say she’s a bit high maintenance right now. Yesterday she fell while she played in the backyard. When I got there to give the hugs and TLC she was screaming “I wish I had brains! I wish I had brains!”. You and me both, kid. I think they were playing Wizard of Oz, but still, it was kinda funny.

My life’s goal right now is to spend a whole day and not have to touch anything sticky. . Between the lollypops at the bank, and the honey, and the spilled milk, and the children’s medicine spat back in my face everything I touch around here is sticky. Which is making knitting hard.

Seriously, I’ve had to scrub the kitchen floor for three days in a row. Hands and knees scrub, not Swiffer.

So, since not much actual knitting has happened, here’s a picture of Dad in his new vest. Sorry for the moving hand, it is the best shot of the vest. He’s visiting in a few weeks, so I’ll try to get a better shot.

The knitting for the purse is done. I need to sew the lining and figure out the closure up top. I really like how it is turning out. The whole thing is done in binary numbers, don’t ‘cha love it?.


Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a male blogger, but not a knitter from down udner in New Zealand. Very interesting "knitting blog" !!! Can I mention your blog on one of my blogs - 21 21 21 Blogs ??? I have 2 other knitting blogs to list as well.

Acornbud said...

Your dad's vest is great and fits him perfectly. I love all those cables. BTW, did you knit the green and lilac piece in your headline?

Wanda said...

Great job on your dad's vest. It looks great. Is he happy with it?

knittinmom said...

Your dad's vest is awesome - love the "action shot". And I can't wait to see Anouk w/ little elephants - that will be too cute!

ErLeCa said...

I love the elephants idea, I think they'll look great. Your dad's vest looks great. It turned out awesome!